With a highly qualified team at its helm, Chestnut Storeys is a renowned name in the designers’ circuit for its avant-garde designs. Tailor-made comprehensive interior solutions being their prime forte, the niche company has developed into one of the ritziest names to reckon with, in India.

The intrinsic ability to couple the richness of local tradition with the minimalism of post-modernity has promoted this efficient practice as one that boldly redefines the barriers of interior design, with its own signature flourish. This resolute exclusivity further encapsulates their prowess for devising elegant home decors, customized accents and scintillating illuminaires.

Exterior Design Services

After making strong imprints in the domain of interior design and decor, the team has glided to the natural progression towards exterior design services. The lofty aspirations of the client dictate the inspirations for constructing savvy edifices. As always one to make impressionable style statements, the vibrant team at Chestnut Storeys strives to explore the obscure in architectural endeavours.

With a curious amalgamation of ideals, philosophies and energies that result in an exhilarating potpourri of creative expressions, the designers ensure that a conscientious equilibrium is achieved in every architectural project. An implicit respect to the environment is juxtaposed with the core ideal of manifesting opulence at every nook and cranny of the space. The lofty aspirations of the client dictate the inspirations for constructing savvy edifices.

Bespoke Furniture

Chestnut Storeys takes pride in its bespoke paraphernalia that are crafted to flawless perfection by its team of local artisans and craftsmen. The furniture, accents and accessories are a legacy by themselves, equalled in grace and grandeur only by the masterpieces of veteran craftsmen across eras. These fitments carry an undercurrent of subliminal appeal that springs from their robust geometry and solidity. They are as compelling as elements of a curated ensemble as they are as striking statement pieces. Write a little more about furniture client come for apointments.

The in-house furniture experts are always looking out for exciting projects to collaborate on. Give us a ring today at
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